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Our Mission:
To provide you with the best customer service in the business at affordable prices!

Who we are

HBN is a company that was founded by me, Rod Randolph back in the early 1990's.

Originally from NYC, I went to school at the Network Institute of Network technology. Certified as a network specialist I expanded in to web developing and programming gaining strong knowledge in HTML, Graphic arts, CGI programming,Perl, C programming, flash, php and more.

We have a staff of highly skilled contractors for any size project. There is no job too large or too small.

We are a faith based Christian business with strong ethics, values and integrity.

We are committed to obey God's word, His principals and with His help, live by them. In doing so, my way is prepared easy, blessed prosperous, healthy and successful
Company History

In the beginning...

HBN, originally call "Hot Bands Network" was a music / band site that developed web sites for musical groups. It was designed to give the indie artist an opportunity to get exposure on the internet.

 "Hot  Bands" did so well that I expanded the company into designing business and corporate web sites. We  have worked with some of the "big boys" including AT&T among others. At that time, we then became known as "HBN Internet Services."

Later I became very involved in  buying and selling Real Estate and became a licensed Realtor as well.
I still have a love of technology and creativity so I contiune work with web development.I have partnered with some great minds and telented individuals and we are stepping up our presence in this market once again!

Though HBN was on an extended hiatus, we still maintain customers from many years ago and  remain loyal to the idea of providing the best customer service in the business!

We are now "HBN Design"
New name but same great service!

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Rod Randolph - Founder